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please help identify prop

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  • please help identify prop

    Please help me identify this propeller. I've searched and searched for info on this propeller. On one of the blades are the markings:
    "curtiss propeller 1"
    "1537 LHMF"
    The other blade has the markings:
    "DRAWING # EX 16997"
    D 8 0 P 4 8
    Thanks for your help.
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    I'll try to see if I can find more information, but Curtiss is the manufacturer, which likely dates it to the teens or twenties. It's a left hand rotation, often associated with a pusher application, and I suspect the the "LH" in the "LHMF" reflects that. The "d 80 P4 8 " refers to a diameter of 8 feet 0 inches and a pitch of 4.8 feet (pitch usually expressed in decimal). The drawing number is the most definitive, but unless there is reference to that number it doesn't offer much. However, usually the "EX" preface refers to "Experimental", which may make it even harder to identify. Many experimental props survived the years simply because they were used once and removed.

    At this point I'd be leaning to guess that it might have been designed for one of the Curtiss F boats, often referred to a "MF" for "Model F".


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      Thank you for your help Dbahnson