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    Hello all,
    My mom said she inherited these from her father. They were both pilots. Mom always insisted these were antiques and worth a lot of money, without giving us any further information. Well, she has since died and now that I am going through and getting rid of things, I uncovered these again and I can find absolutely nothing on them. One is 52 inches and the other is 42 inches. They are very light. 6 holes. One large hole in the center of the hub. The larger one is in 2 layers and the smaller one is in 4 layers. I used to fly a very long time ago and these seem like nothing. They don't seem like they would hold up to any type of flight. There is no metal or fabric on the tips or edges. Maybe they are some sort of a toy? They ARE very old, though. Any info or value on these would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    They would not be made for a certificated aircraft, and more likely were some kind of industrial use, such as a large ventilating fan.

    I would not expect them to be of much value, even if they are old. You could try selling them on eBay, or just search under "wooden propeller" and you will see a number of similar artifacts that just don't sell.


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      Thank you so much. I figured they weren't anything but I thought I'd check with the pros anyway. I haven't found a thing about them anywhere. If I do, I'll repost here. Maybe someone will have the same question.


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        There is some markings at least on one of them, inside the red rectangle added to your pic. A close up could be legible.

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          You are a hawkeye!!! I didn't see that! Under a magnifying glass - it is a paint drip that looks like it wasn't quite dry when it was set down, creating a little squiggly pattern. But thanks for the reply anyway!