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  • Original Pup?


    First time posting - I have recently acquired a propeller for decoration of a games room. It is clearly marked with Sopwith Pup and many other numbers. I really just wanted to know if you think it is genuine? Are they rare? The propeller is not going to be for sale but a rough idea of value for possible insurance.

    Identifying marks/numbers are

    4x AID stamps and what looks like an arrow stamp next to it.
    DG P-3012
    D 2550 (which i believe is the diameter - just over 8 feet)
    P 2610 (Pitch)
    Hp 100 mono
    Sopwith Pup
    G537 N47 (also stamped on the opposite side of the hub)

    Attached are some images and I apologise in advance for the poor quality!

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    It certainly looks original to me. It's hard to duplicate the age appearance visible even in photos. It's nearly identical to this one that I currently have in my collection.

    I can't tell if it's been revarnished, as the finish looks a little thicker than usual, but it would take a close inspection to be able to answer that.


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      Thanks for replying.

      It possibly has been revarnished, it is not thick or no brushmarks but seems in excellent condition if it is orignal and 100 years old.

      Before buying I did research to try and find a price (with no luck) I could only find yours online and noticed how similar it was!



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        I would try to insure it for $3000, but the underwriter might balk at that anyway. It's hard to know its true value since the market is small.