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  • Paragon

    Good day forum members;
    The wood prop is a Paragon with an 8.8 x 5.90 stamping with 8 ½ inch holes on an 8-inch BC in a 10-inch counterbore. There is a written number 1469 on the hub it is brass tipped and the front area has a squared off recess. Originally had a shellac coating with the paragon decal but now weathered off, no indications it had been mounted. Any help would be welcome. Thank you
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    It's part of a four-blade combination, most likely for a Liberty engine, and was probably manufactured in the late teens or early twenties. A stamped anchor mark somewhere on the hub usually indicates Naval usage, a cloverleaf Signal Corps (Army) usage.

    The hub is cut to interlock with a complementary propeller to make the four-blade. The method was less expensive to manufacture and easier to transport than the unit type construction more common in British props from that era.


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      Thank you for the prompt and knolageble reply. As a pilot and a IA I was wondering about the nature and purpose of the front end hub design.


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        And you can tell that yours is the rearward blade in the combination. Somewhere is a matching blade that has the rear of the hub cut to match.