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What is the value of my Westmoore circa 1918 propeller?

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  • What is the value of my Westmoore circa 1918 propeller?

    Can you give me an idea as to the value of my 8 feet 4 inches long Westmoore propeller?
    The following is stamped on its hub: OX5, 8.4X5, NO2259, SC 54109.
    It has two Westmoore decals on it.
    The hub thickness is 4 inches.
    The hub diameter is is 7.5 inches.
    The hub center bore is about 2 5/8 inches.
    The bolt size is about 5/16 inches.
    The 8 bolt circle is 5.25 inches.
    It has metal covering on the tips; the hub is all wood.
    It has not been refinished.
    According to your guidelines this propeller was made for a circa 1918 WWI
    Curtiss OX-5.
    Thank you!

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    I can't answer your question, but I also have a post on the "Early" page, and the dimensions of your Westmoore propeller are the same as the propeller I have posted. I am trying to identify it. Do you have any pictures of your propeller you can post, or could you take a look at the pictures on my post to see if they are the same? That would answer my question. My post's subject is "Please help to identify 100" propeller, possibly Curtis". I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks.


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      "Value" on these old propellers is so hard to judge, especially without even seeing it. I would expect something like that to sell on eBay for $1500 or more, depending on condition and identification.