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  • Propeller restoration

    Dear all,

    I've recently been given a WWI German prop. Nice condition BUT unfortunately the previous owner had the very bad idea to strip the original varnish and to recover it with some modern cheap varnish.

    This leave me no other choice but to try to (partially) repair the damage done.

    What would be your suggestion about best products to use for stripping and recovering.

    Have a nice day,


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    Boy, that's too bad that someone felt the need to "improve" its appearance.

    Now that it has been refinished, all that you can do is "re-refinish" it. I think you likely would need a polyurethane stripper to get the new varnish off. Don't use sandpaper at any step in the process. I would remove the old varnish completely then apply either linseed oil or a high quality varnish like Behlen's (which I think can still be obtained from Garrett Wade catalog). The linseed oil works quite well, but it will never have a polished appearance to it, which might be desirable.

    Good luck. Bob Garder might have some other ideas, as he has refinished quite a few of them.