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  • Need Help with ID

    I inheirted this propeller from my great-grandfather when he died 25 years ago. Never gave it much thought, and have kept it stored under my bed for years. My husband has fallen in love with it and today is his birthday, so I am giving it to him to display at his business, but I would like to provide some information about it to him.

    I can't post a pic today, but it is about 7.5 feet long, light wood with brass that goes along the edges from near the center circle to the tips. It has no decals, and is marked with a stamp (?) that reads DES H-609RH, and underneath that it reads NO 13117. There are 12 holes in it, but it appears that 4 of them are spaced differently. Don't know if that makes any sense.

    I have looked at many pictures during the course of this, and it appears most similiar to the Siemans prop (I think that is what it was called)

    Clearly, I have no idea what I am doing. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'll try to look up the numbers when I get back home, but usually when you see a hole pattern as you describe it's because the propeller was used for some other type of hub in addition to an aircraft hub (probably the eight holes) originally.