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Bristol Gnome Scout - Information Please

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  • Bristol Gnome Scout - Information Please

    Hi All,

    I attach photos of my propeller that I have had in my possession since my school days in the 1960s. As an air cadet I was assisting in a mega clear out of the CCF store room and I saved this beauty from the bonfire.

    Over the subsequent 50 years or so, the propeller has resided in various attics both here and in Ireland as I moved around. However, I have always made sure it was protected and its condition today is as the day I received it.

    It is ironic that I now live about 3 miles from Filton where, I presume, it was manufactured all those years ago.

    From the markings much is obvious, but I would appreciate any knowledgable opinions about the date it was used, the specific aircraft that it propelled (Bristol Scout?) and any explanation of the various numbers stamped around the hub.

    If possible I am also seeking a valuation since depending on the price, I might now consider selling it.

    Size: 98.75 inches from tip to tip

    Bolt holes: 8

    Markings as follows:

    Green and Gold Company Logo on one blade;
    Hub: B&C 2579 S3000 80HP Gnome Scout (this legend is circular around the hub);
    Adjacent stampings: AID32 above 5961 and AID above 590 in two adjoining boxes.
    Side of hub: D2500 above P2200 and on the opposite side: B&C2579

    I think I have given all the details and thanks in advance for any forthcoming information.
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