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Pappy's propeller treasure?

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  • Pappy's propeller treasure?

    My dad has had this propeller since before I was born... He's recently found new interest in tracking down it's life history. He's been a pilot for over 30 years and an airplane fanatic since Orvile and Wilbur had wild hairs in their asses. If anyone can help us track it down we'd both apreciate it very much!

    We did our best to get the dimensions from the prop.
    Here's what we came up with...

    The center bore diameter is 2 3/8".
    The bolt hole circle diameter is 4 3/4" (8 bolts M11 X 1.5 and 11/16" bolt head).
    The (metal) hub diameter is 5 3/4".
    The inside taper of the hub is 2 3/8" at the large end and 1 11/16" at the small end.
    The prop is 76" long.

    Engraved into the wooden part of the prop there's "13-P-B".

    On this picture I've circled in black where the stamp is, it's hard to see because it's been painted over but it looks like a square with rounded edges.

    The last and probably the most helpful picture has 3 stamps in the metal. Hopefully the symbols are large enough to see clearly.

    The old man says the propeller might have had a thick leather or varnish like coating on the outside of the propeller in it's original condition. Since then it's had a coating of polyurethane.

    I thank you in advance for any help anyone is willing to give us in identifying this propeller! I have more fullsize pictures of this propeller I can be emailed at

    Thanks for looking!

    Ed Stryker

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    It's going to be hard to identify without any information stamped on it. That "13-PB" is a very unusual stamping method that I have not seen on any other propellers, and the hub stampings don't really help identify the propeller. Go to this page, and then to the chart to see if you can identify the engine that it was designed for.