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    Hi Everyone, I have a propeller, not sure on the dimensions, but I have some pictures and some numbers that are clearly visible on the propeller. Any input would be great. If needed I can measure it, just let me know.

    On one side of the propeller it has the letters/numbers: S017802, with a design of some sort not to far from it that you can barely see. The same side of the propeller, other side of the mid part has what looks like 8X5 and a 6 off to the side of it.

    The other side only has the numbers 402.

    I have attached pictures, please let me know what you think. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and help me out.

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    It's actually "S.C." for "Signal Corps" and then the Signal Corps number. Hard to know a lot more beyond that but there are several similar looking propellers with known applications.

    Unfortunately, the hub of yours has been carved out to install a clock or similar device.


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      thank you

      thank you so much for responding so quickly. My father had the propeller for years hanging in a bar, we never really knew much about it. I think he bought it a garage sale for like $5, go figure. You have given me some insight as to more or less where it came from and I appreciate that. If there is anything else, that you might recommend where I can find any additional information on it, I would appreciate it.

      Anyone have any idea what year this could be from?

      Thank you Dave.

      Jeanette D.