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  • Looking for information

    I have a US Propellers Inc With the following markings:
    DES 44K7797 SERAF 4310268
    Does anyone know anything about one of these? It has been in my basement forever.

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    Unfortunately, U.S. Propellers is one of the companies for which no one seems to have a listing of aircraft usage corresponding to models. Your propeller was manufactured under a 1944 Military contract, and corresponds to model 76FGSA-60, which had a length of 76" and a pitch of 60". The listing I have shows it to have only 4 bolt holes for use on a Kinner hub, which is fairly unusual.

    I think, but am not certain, that the most likely aircraft it would have been used on in the Interstate L6, based on a comment of a series of slightly larger serial numbers of that model used on that plane.


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      Thank you for your help.


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        Me, too

        I have exactly the same prop with s/n 4310232. Good info, thanks. Mine is in very good condition so still trying to figure out what to do with it. As with other older things of interest, is it best to leave it in it's current state of finish? Will probably use it in some aviation theme art piece or wall clock.


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          Always best to leave it in original condition if it's in original condition. If it's been "restored" in the past then what you do on top of that has very little impact on its value.