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  • Wooden hub

    I've just inherited a propellor hub brought back by my Great Uncle who was in the Air Force during WWI and I would love to know more information. The markings on the side are as follows

    I P C
    DG 69
    HP 80 REN /
    DE H 1
    B L198 21419

    It has 8 bolt holes with

    1 on the left side
    2 on the right side
    C O at the bottom
    817 at the top, with three 'clover like' symbols above

    Thanks in advance for your comments

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    Dear Wind,

    Your prop is British and the data translates as;

    I P C Integral Propeller Company
    DG 69 The drawing number for a prop for the Airco DH1 and the Maurice Farman biplane
    HP 80 REN 80hp Renault engine
    DE H 1 The aircraft type, the DH1 built by Airco
    B L198 21419 The Integral serial number

    With kind regards,

    Bob Gardner
    Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers


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      Here's the whole propeller, one of my favorites.


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        Incidentally, this was the same propeller that David Hennings and Vanessa Redgrave found in a pawn shop and put into their car in the famous 1960's movie "Blow Up".



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          Thanks very much for the information, I feel very proud of it now!


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            It's three years since I posted this. I've still got the hub, not sure what to do with it so I'm thinking of selling it to someone who will appreciate it more than me. Where should I consider selling it? Ebay? Through this site? What sort of value should I ask? There is signs of wear and tear but it us nearly 100 years old. I welcome any advice. With thanks


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              I'd suggest eBay. Ordinarily, hubs don't seem to go for more than a few hundred dollars but you might get lucky with this one because of the rarity of the DH1 (and the subsequent success of DeHavilland) and, for those that can make the connection, the fact that a similar prop appeared on Blow Up in the sixties.


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                Selling on eBay

                Thanks for your help Dave, I'll put it onto eBay within the next few weeks, though I'm getting attached to it again now. If you guys dont mind I'll include some of the wonderful information you have given me. I've just realised that this is an American site as I've had to convert to English pounds. With thanks