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Wooden Propeller needs expert I D

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  • Wooden Propeller needs expert I D

    I have some pics of my propeller on e-bay currently with a huge price on it! Can any one of the experts visiting this Forum help with identifying it? Thanks
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    They can not be identified soley by appearance, and even with "drawing numbers" (referring to blueprints) many of them are not identified.

    Yours resembles others but is 4" shorter than the ones known to go on the Curtiss JN4 with an OX 5 engine. Without decals to identify the manufacturer and numbers that may lead to it usage is likely will remain just another nice looking propeller. And that is a very nice looking propeller!

    (Keep in mind that it also may have been refinished, even though it looks original. Some refinishing was done 60 or 70 years ago and now looks "old", but the absence of decals, particularly on U.S. built propellers always raises that suspicion.)


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      Thanks Dave for your response. What, in your opinion is this propeller worth? It is on e-bay, but have no idea to arrive at a realistic value given my minimum knowledge of the prop. It has to find a new owner soon. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris


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        Well, a similar shaped one is going to end tonight on eBay and is already up to $2700. It does have a metal hub, which adds something to the value, but it also has been refinished, which detracts. I had an opportunity to buy that one for $1500 before it showed up on eBay, but turned it down, partly because I'm trying to reduce my collection size, but mostly because it had been recently refinished. (I think it moved from Ohio to Virginia in the last month, so it may have already changed hands once, and it looks like it's been polished since then.)

        Your opening bid amount scares some people off, including those who might have bid up to that amount in competitive bidding. It's an aesthetically pleasing shape, which does attract buyers, but there are uncertainties about it, which also scares them off.

        Bottom line - I don't know what it's worth, and no one else does either. At this point you might be best to let it sit until the end of the auction and hope it sells. (Someone might bid in the last few seconds.) If it doesn't you can re-list it with a lower opening bid and see what happens. Ebay can be very goofy . . .