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Can anyone identify this propeller? 413C

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  • Can anyone identify this propeller? 413C

    Hello everyone. I just purchased a propeller from Off The Wall Antiques in Los Angeles Ca. The owner said that it came from a zeppelin but he is not sure. Here are the stats; Height 9ft. 8in., Debth 7.25 in. Diameter 11in. It is mahogony with metal edges. The following is stamped in the center circle piece: 400 HP Liberty Motor Lang Products Co. NO. 309 PITCH 1.524 DIA 2.895 DRG No.413c. Does anyone know what aircraft this came from? Here are three pictures. Thanks, ejeaves
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    You won't find the exact airplane it came from, and in fact I doubt that it was ever actually mounted on one, but it's a fairly typical looking model for one of the Navy's flying boats in the late teens and early twenties. It fits a Liberty engine and the drawing number, 413C, is fairly commonly found. I may need to dig a little deeper to see if it matches a specific aircraft model.

    How thick is the hub? If it's notched in the back and thin (i.e. about 4") it's part of a 4 blade combination. If it's around 7" thick then it's a stand alone 2 blade model.


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      Lang was one of the leading British prop makers. In 1917 the USN asked the Air Department of the British Navy for assistance in developing the mass production of aircraft props. They sent Dashwood Lang. As a result several American firms who made wooden furniture and pianos were co-opted to make props for the USN air arm. Additionally, the USN built Lang a brand new factory at Whitestone on Long Island, where your prop was made, probably in early 1918. Might the diameter be recorded as D2.595, and not 2.585?

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      Bob Gardner
      Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers


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        Thanks for all of the very interesting info. To answer your questoins the hub is 7.25in. and has no notches in the back. It's stamped DIA 2.895 and the diameter measures 11in. You guys are truly the propeller gurus. I would be most interested if you ever found out the specific aircraft model. ejeaves
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          Edit: Drawing number entered in subject title for search feature - 413C

          I found a similar prop number, 413D, that is stamped for the Curtiss H-16. It is a 2 blade version and it's possible the "C" drawing was for the notched 4 blade set.