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Posting Photos on the Forum

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  • Posting Photos on the Forum

    There are two ways to post photos here, depending on whether the photo is (1)on your computer or is (2) hosted on a server on the internet.

    1. To use photos that are on your computer follow these instructions.

    2. If the photo is already on the internet, copy the URL, click the "Upload from URL" box below the message window and paste the URL into the box.

    In most cases where you use your own photos, it is best to first reduce the photo file size. There are many photo editing options that can reduce photo size, including Irfanview ( an excellent free program), Photoshop, and many others. Cropping the photo first to just show the relevant component (usually just the propeller itself, with little or no background) is generally the first step. Then the file size can be reduced and the photo can be compressed using the photo editor. A 1 MB file size can show adequate detail even though it's been reduced to under 100 KB.

    (In the near future I will be adding detailed instructions and examples of this process. In the meantime this tutorial, which was written for the old forum, might help you get started.)
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