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Please help identify propellor

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  • Please help identify propellor

    Hello folks,

    Could someone please help me identify the propellor.

    In 1982 I was given a wooden propellor by someone whose grandfather “ had it for many years” and gave to him . I have tried to have it identified by 3 or 4 different people and spent many hours scouring the internet without any success.

    It is 86 inches long and the number 75648 is stamped on the back . There is also the number 2 stamped about 3 inches from the aforesaid number.

    I will be very grateful if readers could spare a few minutes of thier time to look at the photo below and if at all possible give me some idea of where it might be from , any details will be very useful.

    With sincere thanks in advance.

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    I'll hazard a guess, but without a discreet drawing number stamped on the hub it can't be accurately identified. If you go to this list scroll down to the numbers that begin with "86", the length of that propeller in inches. You'll see a number of aircraft that used 86" propellers, but only three engines that are listed. It's likely one of those three engines and probably one of the aircraft listed. I have another reference that would list 86 inch models, but typically they may overlap with the Sensenich list. (I don't have access to my list right now.)

    The other number is likely just a production number and a blade identifier. Judging by the absence of stamped design number and absence of paint and/or fabric tips, my other guess is that it was a factory reject during production, removed from the completion process, then taken home by a worker as a display prop, which was fairly common until recently when some of the manufacturers realized they could finish production, stamp them as "Not Airworthy" and sell them at near their production cost.


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      Thanks for your very informative response.
      Now I can lay this enquiry to rest and move on .