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    Hello, i have a wooden propeller with the "G.A.C. London" logo on the blade.
    Appx 3.5' long fabic/painted covered tips. Anyone have any info re-GAC? I know some time around 1915-1917. Left screw type.

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    Hello Mike,

    Welcome to our forum.

    I suspect that you are referring to a single blade, not a complete prop?

    The first record of the GAC company is an advert in Flight from 1911 when it was known as General Aviation Contractors Ltd. It was an agent for several companies including the French Regy Propeller company.

    In 1914, the name changed to the General Aeronautical Company and progressed from the role of agents to component makers, particularly instrument makers, but much of their work was in the production of propellers.

    The following types are recorded;
    BE2D four bladed
    DH4 four bladed
    DH9 four bladed
    Regy airscrews under licence.
    Vickers FB

    Please post a photo of the decal. If you have details of any data stamped on the hub, please could you send them to me so I might include them in my book on British props. You can find my e-mail address on my website, link below. I don't want to put it here as I have enough spam as it is!

    With kind regards,

    Bob Gardner
    Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers


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      GAC Propeller logo

      I have posted a request for information on identifying two propellers on the 'Identification' forum. One of the propellers has a General Aeronautical Co Ltd decal on the blade and was interested to find this post.
      Any information would be gratefully received
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