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Koppers Aeromatic Prop ID please

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  • Dbahnson
    Best bet is to contact Monte Chase at He's very knowledgeable on variable pitch props.

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  • NNAM
    started a topic Koppers Aeromatic Prop ID please

    Koppers Aeromatic Prop ID please

    As you can see, this is a Koppers Co. Bartlett Hayward Division Aeromatic Propeller, approximately 39 inches from end to end and 3.5 inches diameter at the base. Made of wood with a green coating, and a reinforced leading edge and tip. At the base there is a 1 inch hole approximately 8.25 inches deep. That hole is surrounded by two rings of twelve 3/8 inch holes. On the blade is "Model P1-85" and "Serial 3951" as well as a US Navy stamp. Anyone recognize this prop as far as age and perhaps, aircraft types?
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