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    Hello to everybody.
    I need help with the Axial logo. This logo was produced in three variants. I have never seen the oldest version. I just have a bad drawing. I have version two in the photos. But none is detailed enough. If someone had a nice photo of the second character, it would help me a lot. I am mainly interested in colors and text. Any photo of the oldest character would be great.

    I still apologize for my English.

    have a nice day wishes

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    Bob Gardner's book, German Propeller Makers of WW1: Part One has quite a few photos of Axial decals showing different variations in color. He also notes that quite a few Axial props were made without decals.

    I don't know if there are any copies of that book still available, but you could try to contact Bob on his web site. I am reluctant to scan any of his copyright material without his permission.

    (Hey, there's nothing wrong with your English!)


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      I was considering buying Mr. Gardner's books. Then I realized that I would only have them as picture books. Translators cannot translate professional literature.

      Can you at least tell me if the inscription on the dagger is: AXIAL PROPELLER FABRIK ?




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        I looked through Bob's chapter, and there is only one reference to the dagger decal. It was one of three variants that Peter Grosz had recorded, and was apparently utilized by Glenn Merrill for modelers.

        There is no "Fabrik" on the blade. All that is written is "Propeller" along the blade. The hilt of the blade is actually a small propeller. I can't find, even in Bob's book, an example of the dagger decal used on an actual propeller.

        Since Bob is a friend of mine and seems to be hard to contact now, I've taken the liberty of photographing that image in his book and will email it to you with the understanding that you use it only for your own purpose and not publish or share it.


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          Thanks so much for the help. I have it for my own use.

          Have a nice day