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1944 Fahlin Prop from the U.K.

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  • 1944 Fahlin Prop from the U.K.

    Hello from England!
    15 years ago I was randomly walking around an antique shop in the U.S. (can’t remember which state!) and bought this fantastic looking propeller! I bought it back to the U.K. where it’s been in my house since.

    Details are:
    Size: 86”
    Condition: Good but not perfect

    Does anybody know the value?
    Anybody know of others in the U.K?

    Any help would be great
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    I can't really guess at the value without more photos, but there are two factors which make its value lower than you might expect. First is that it is a very commonly found model, used on the Avro Anson and other variants, which became obsolete with its replacement with a variable pitch metal prop. So lots of them were sold as surplus and they are far from rare.

    Second, and more importantly, much of the hub is missing, presumably removed to install a clock or other instrument for display. It otherwise appears to be in excellent condition (probably as surplus), but unfortunately the hub alteration is a big negative factor.


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      Some useful information there, didn’t know that about the hub! I agree that it was probably surplus as the prop tips are too good to have been used.
      I remember paying $150 / £80 at the time (back when we had a decent exchange rate) so have no idea of the value now.


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        If someone wants a nice propeller in which to install a clock, you're in luck!

        I don't think you've lost money, but the only way you'll find its actual value now is to put it up for sale (eBay?) and see what the highest bid is.