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  • Sensenich Model W72F-44

    I have a Sensenich Propeller that I intend to sell. I did some background research on the prop and would appreciate members feed back and comments. I have this thread also posted on the Porterfield Airplane Club web site.

    The prop is a Sensenich Model W72F-44, S/N 59459, 2350 RPM, 65 HP. As I recall, this prop is one we had that came with a Franklin 65 engine.

    Looking through the application guide on the Sensenich web site, the prop is applicable to several aircraft with the Franklin engine:

    Aeronca L3D

    Aeronca 65TF, 65TAF

    Interstate S 1 A 65 F

    Piper J 3 F 65

    Porterfield F P 65

    Taylorcraft BF-65, BF-1265, DL-65

    Taylorcraft DF-65

    Taylorcraft L2E, K

    The prop seems to be in fair condition. It has been in our house for the last 60 + years, stored flat and kept dry. There is some crackling of the varnish. From what I have been reading, the prop is a "non-lettered" S/N which means the date of manufacture was somewhere between 1931 and 1943.

    I will send photos if interested.



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    Still have the W72F-44 prop? I am interested.


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      Originally posted by rulepc View Post
      Still have the W72F-44 prop? I am interested.
      Yes, we still have the prop.
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        sent PM.


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          Don't refinish it in any way. Those are the earlier "Lititz" style decals.


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            I understand. This prop came off a Porterfield Collegiate FP-65. My dad was one of the Aeronautical Engineers for Ed Porterfield. This prop was run on that engine in a test stand when i was a kid. The aircraft, engines, etc are gone now. I am trying to get the remainder of items sold to people who understand or need the items. I would hate to see an 80+ year old prop made into a wall clock.


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              With a known history like that, why wouldn't you just keep it as a family heirloom?


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                I have a choice, I make the call on how to get rid of memorabilia, or my family makes the choice after I'm gone, and they have told me that most stuff will go to the dump.


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                  A shame, but under those circumstances it's probably the right choice to sell it.