rev. 4/12/11

If you are interested in purchasing a particular propeller please make it very clear which one and submit a $100 deposit via PayPal to dbahnson@gmail.com.  If a requested propeller has already been sold your full PayPal deposit will be returned immediately.

If you prefer not to use PayPal for the deposit, you can mail a check to Dave Bahnson, 612 Woodward Road, Mendon, VT 05701, again specifying exactly which propeller you are requesting.  Please email me with this information so that I can reserve that propeller while final payment details are arranged.

Once reserved, I will calculate shipping expense and email you the shipping invoice to determine final payment, which I prefer to be paid by check.  (Full Payment may be done with PayPal, but the BUYER will need to pay the 2.5% PayPal transaction fee.*) I will hold the propeller for 14 days while final payment is completed and all checks have cleared before shipping the item.  For faster delivery a direct bank deposit method is available.  As always, a cash transaction is the best option for a buyer to inspect an item at the time of purchase, and I am happy to arrange that in any case where it's convenient for the buyer.  The propellers are in Mendon, Vermont 05701.

As noted previously, I will accept any propeller if returned within 14 days in the same condition, but crating and shipping is at the buyer's expense.  If I have already crated a propeller and the balance is not paid, the $100 deposit will be forfeited unless I am able to find an alternate buyer who is willing to purchase without the option of additional photographs or information (i.e. does not require the item to be uncrated).

* For international shipments only I will split the cost of PayPal fees, reducing the amount to 1.25% of the balance amount, in lieu of wire transfer.