c. 1914

DG 69

H.P. 80 REN
DE H 1
B 20015

Comments: This extremely rare propeller was used on the AIRCO DH 1, designed by Geoffrey DeHavilland, who went on to design some of the best known British aircraft in history.  As a pusher propeller, the decals were located on the back.  This propeller was built by Lucien Chauviere, himself an icon of the propeller industry, probably around 1914.  It is in superb original condition.

On a side note, part of my interest in collecting stems from some scenes in the 1966 movie Blow Up.  The star, photgrapher David Hemmings, is intriqued by the appearance of a wooden propeller in an antique store and buys it, moving it to his car with Susan Brodrick.  Clips from that scene are shown below, and the propeller is identical to this one.  Video from the movie.

Wood:  Mahogany
Length: 9 feet, 1 inch