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kevin jesske
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Post 2 propellers

I have found 2 wooden propellers in a garage on my grampa's farm one has some markings on it. they are Jacobs feb 1944, D 93 i think and P 76, What would have they been used for, could someone please help me i have tried looking things up but have not gotten any where. the markings were stamped on hub

Thank you

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Well, the numbers tell you what the diameter is (93") and what the pitch is (76") and that it was used for a Jacobs engine.

Narrowing it down accurately may be difficult without other information. The fact that there are two of them at least suggests that they were removed from a twin engine aircraft and replaced with metal props. One situation where that occurred and resulted in a lot of similar surplus props was the AVron Anson "Bamboo Bomber" with that engine. As I recall, most of those were 90 inches in length, not 93 inches. One easy way to check the stamping is to measure your prop. If it's 90 inches long (+/- a fraction), then it was probably used on that aircraft. The time frame is certainly correct for that model as well.
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