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Default propeller hub

hi, I've just found this site and wonder if anyone can help, My husband has just been given what he belives is a ww1 propeller hub, unfortunately it has been cut down, (there is a story behind it) and we are trying to find out a little more about it, specifically if it is possible to find out, what aircraft it was on,
we have a lot of letters and numbers visible on it and from the abreviations page have discovered some info, but would like a little more to satisfy our curiosity. the numbers are on the side and read as follows:
D. 2,70
P 2,36?
DE H 3
DG 2302

I would add a picture but am not sure how
many thanks & i look foward to any possible responses

Edit: Photos added

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I P C = "Integral Propeller Company" (Edit: "e" removed from "Integrale" per Grovetown's post suggestion. )
D. 2,70 = "Diameter 2.70 meters"
P 2,36? = "Pitch 2.36 meters"
HP 160 BEARDMORE = " 160 HP Beardmore engine"
DE H 3 -------- Might be a DH3 (DeHavilland or "Airco") except that I'm only aware of the DH1, DH2, DH4, and DH9 models.
DG 2302 = "Drawing number 2302"
B.17466 --------- Probably a production number of no value.

It's certainly likely WW1 era. There may have been a DH3 built or designed at one point, and if so this would likely have been designed for that. There are some other possibilities, however, but a little research on a DH3 might solve it.

If you email me a picture, I can post it. Just click on the email or "PM" link at the bottom of this page.


I did find this statement from a modelling site:

"Yeah there was a DH3. It looked a little bit like
the later DH10 but with two 120 hp Beardmore engines
and 4 bladed pusher props. Had a crew of 3 and
designed to bomb industrial centres in Germany. Trike
undercart. Only one prototype built. 2nd. prototype
built with 160 hp Beardmores and contract for 50
placed but cancelled by War Office as thought
"unnecessary to bomb Germany." Both prototypes
scrapped and said to be actually burning on scrapheap
when London was first bombed by Germany's equivalent,
the Gotha, on July 17 1917. DH3 redesigned and
eventually built as DH10."

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