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Default Whifferdill Aeroplane Company???

Anyone heard of the Whifferdill Aeroplane Company, P.O. Box 20217 San Jose, Ca. 95160 , P.O. Box 20217 San Jose, Ca. 95160? I think I made an error buying what I thought was a Jenny prop on Ebay with this company engraved near the hub, especially when I realized that 95160 was a zip code (not used until the 60s) and not a part number. Duh! I think this must be some decorative reproduction. Any help out there would be appreciated as I pursue getting my money back!
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Small world. I just emailed you via eBay about that prop. I think it's made of some kind of molded foam rather than wood and was used as a movie prop.

I had contacted that seller earlier, who assured me that it was authentic, but then when I asked about his return policy and would he refund a bid if it wasn't authentic, I never heard back from him. I have a picture of a similar one (I think maybe the same one) from several years ago.

I would seriously consider filing a complaint with eBay before you pay (if it's not too late). I'm happy to forward the email he sent to me if it helps.

Here's what I got from him (it was through ebay messaging) about 2 or 3 days ago, or even longer.

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This seller did refund my money with heartfelt apologies. However, he has now contacted me saying that on further checking, he has found that the Whifferfield Aeroplane Company was real, bought a stash of WWI stuff sometime in the 60s or 70s and put their hallmark on it. Does anyone know about this? I'm a little skittish about this prop!
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