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Default Unidentified SENSENICH????

I have checked the serial numbers on this prop and even contacted sensenich but cannot find out what this prop was used for...Only know it is "real early"...Any ideas?..It measures 55 1/2" in length

Thanks so much!
Linda in Maine
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All I could find was that it was used on a 40 HP engine and that its type certificate expired November 6, 1944, meaning that it was no longer eligible for use on certified aircraft after that date. Is it in fact 69 inches in length? If it's less than that the tips have been cut down.

Maybe Lamar Bevil will have a reference to the aircraft usage.
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I show that a 69-D was for the Piper E2, J2, and J3 all with the Continental A 40 40 hp engine. Dave's correct in that the diameter of the prop should be 69 inches, too.

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