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Default Flottorp

A buddy of mine just got a propeller with these markings on it

G.R. Mich

It is 5'6" long with 6 holes in the middle.

Just wanted to know if anyone can tell me anything about it. Date and the like.

Thanks guys.
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That model number was used on several aircraft, and the certification for it expired on Sept. 3, 1948. Here are the ones I could find:

Aeronca models C3 and KC (40 or 45 hp engine)
Piper E2 (Continental A40 engine)
Porterfield Zephyr (Continental A40)
Rose Parakeet A1 (Continental A40)
Taylorcraft A (Cont. A40)
Welch OW 5 (A40 or Aeronca 36 hp engines)

That list includes some weird aircraft that I haven't heard of. The list they come from is an Aero Service & Supply Co. price list from 1945, and the prop cost $35 at that time. The Piper E2 (or ?J2) was the precursor of the Piper Cub and was built in 1931 until around 1937, when it became the J3 model, so I'd say your prop was used in the thirties and possibly the forties, although I couldn't say exactly when. To my knowledge, there is no reference for Flottorp propellers that could link the serial number to the date.
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