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Thank you for the reply and pictures. I stand corrected. Your picture is the the exact stain/finish that is on the propeller. It appeared to me as paint due to the very flat finish which occurred with aging. I recall seeing the the wood identification stamp on the underside but neglected to record it. Looking at your pictures I can almost certainly state we have identified the propeller.

After all this identifying I am somewhat saddened. I have been a member of various clubs dealing with antique items. This item was my dad's which has nostalgia but once we determine the value, it is either being sold or donated. As with other clubs the input from members has been most helpful. I also like to contribute accordingly but this one may be a one shot deal for me. Being a sucker for old things.........any sense in me completing the sanding and finding a matching overlayment or best to leave alone for others. I am negotiating a spot in the house with my wife but I believe a losing proposition. I do not want to keep it just to sit in the corner of the basement.

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Bob Gardner
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After this lengthy research, across two continents, I think you should keep it, particularly as it has been in your family for many decades. Note that it is very likely to increase in value, possibly more quickly than if you put the money in the bank.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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I agree with Bob about keeping it. Even its reduced value from sanding will be higher in the future, especially with clear identification, which you now have. I'd suggest not doing anything at this point. Wait until you can get some good pictures and post them here before you make a decision.

Is there a decal on the intact blade? That might influence your options about what to do with it over time.
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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I looked at the thread dealing with "Do not restore" which transitioned to some articles "......I did this to restore but you better not touch it if you do not know what you are doing.....". I have worked quite a bit with wood (I am a 38yr owner operator contractor who is hired for tinker jobs by other contractors for matching existing). Always the woodwork. I have never sheet rocked or framed a spec house in my life. I would have to study up quite a bit as well as do samples with the shellac formula/process to get the correct matches. I would not lift a finger on the wood until I had a clear and confident approach. Anyway, the propeller is safe and sound. The next time I have access I will get pictures. Sitting in the basement does not sound too irritating right now. Thanks all for the input. The pictures from France were the clincher for identifying. Spot on. Again. thanks all.

ps. no decal.....knowing my dad I do not think he would have tampered with an original decal. The sanding may have been done by the person he bought it from.
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