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Default Wotan pusher

Hello all. Attached is an image from the hub of a 3.1 meter Wotan propeller.

The stamping us slightly damaged but reads a follows the standard Idflieg layout:

260 PS Mercedes
3100 D 200 ST
NR. 1?114
GO G.9.

Two questions:

The line MULZUG is not standard and, while I have no translation for this, I am betting it refers to the reverse rotation of this propellor.

Second, 'GO' is a standard abbreviation for 'Gotha' many of which were pushers BUT, the references I find to the G9 indicate that it is a tractor aircraft. I was queried by the owner in regards to reverse rotation Mercedes D IVa engines but ai have no evidence of any such engine.

Comments welcome.

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EDULZUG - (German) for "Right Hand Tractor" ("Entgegen Dem Uhrzeiger Lauf" meaning literally "against the watch pointer run", i.e. counterclockwise, and "ZUG", meaning pull, or tractor. The opposite would be MDULZUG, with the "M" referring to "Mit" or "with", rather than against, i.e. clockwise). This terminology, unfortunately, refers to the direction of rotation as viewed from the front of the airstream, which is opposite of the British, US, and French terminology, which describes the rotation as viewed from behind the airstream.. See "Design" for more information.
This was Bob Gardner's description, posted here. So you are correct in your assumption of the opposite normal rotation. Bob may chime in here with more information on that particular propeller. Be patient. We're slow here . . .
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Thanks for the confirmation. No great hurry for additional information, the propellor has been around for quite some time now.

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