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Default Fahlin prop inquiry

I have a Fahlin prop. Columbia,MO It is 73" long. 6-bolt hub. 4" thick at hub. Only discernable markings are CW269 with 715 below that, both stamped/pressed into the wood. Appears to be 1600 or something close as well. It has beautiful mottled varnish and has never been touched. It does have some damage to trailing edge wood on one end, with some scrapping to the metal cover on same end. Looks like it got a little bang up in real life. Just asking for help on the history.

Not looking to sell, I really enjoy it. Any help on preservation would be appreciated, It looks really good for spending most of its life in Grandpa's barn.

Just to be clear, not touched from a restoration standpoint.

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Those numbers don't seem to match any of the Fahlin models. Can you post a picture of the prop and the markings?
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