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Gregg Hanson
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Default Propeller ID.

A friend gave me a wooden propeller that had belonged to his father.
Stamped on the propeller:
Drawing #16997
D 80" P 4' 8"

Hub measurements as described on "Measurement of Hub Dimensions from woodenpropeller.com web site.
B- Center bore diameter (outside) 5 5/8"
C- bolt hole circle 6 11/16"
D- diameter of hub 8 1/2 "
E- Number of bolt holes 8
F- Bolt diamaeter 1/2 "
G- Hub Diameter/ Wooden hub thickness 5 3/4"

Photos will be attached shortlly.

Anybody know what engine/aircraft this prop was used on.
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Welcome to the forum, which just started today. You're the first inquiry!
Having said that, I can't tell you what the prop was used on, so I hope someone else might be able to shed some light on it. The hub dimensions don't match any of the common WW1 engines, and the 80 inch diameter is a little small for typical WW1 engine, so it might be post WW1 vintage. It's possible it was made for a Bentley BR2 engine from around 1918 (The hub dimensions are close) and having "Drawing" stamped in English implies British or US manufacture. I couldn't find the drawing number in any of my references, however.
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Bob Gardner
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Hi Gregg,

The dimensions of the prop are very very close to those used on the Gypsy
Major engine made in the UK by de Havilland during the 1930's. It was used on the Tiger Moth primarily. The construction and brass leading edge also are very close to a Gypsy prop. The drg no doesn't match but this may be because it was made by a sub-contractor.

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That makes more sense. It's also left hand rotation.
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