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I sent my last reply before I read your postscript. Yes, I will do minimum to the prop, I understand the importance of keeping it as original as possible. Interestingly, when I got it, the tips were covered in black sticky backed plastic. It looked as though it had been done years ago, probably to improve the look, and the plastic covering itself had worn through in places, I assume due to years of bad handling. As the plastic was split and cracked in places I decided to remove it. It peeled off quite easily to reveal a good amount of the original fabric covering underneath which I was pleased about. Unfortunately one of the propeller blade edges has broken off some time in the past over a length of about 18 inches, but there's nothing I can do about that. The way I look at it is it is lucky to have survived at all, most of these must have been cut up, thrown out etc over the years, and I will give it a good home from now on! Thanks again for all your help.
Kind regards
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