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Default Can you identify my propeller?


I've had a wooden propeller (that unfortunately was cut down long before I bought it) for over 30 years. I'm only now getting around to putting it on the wall and I thought it would be nice if I could have some knowledge on what it was from.

It has 8 holes in the hub and on one side of the hub it has the following:

DRG.NO.5220.ISS.5.M D.6.33' P.4.58'

And on the opposite side of the hub:

HRA.438.G 6/72

I think it's also got LHT (which is the only thing I do know the meaning of!).

From reading past posts on this site I believe the DRG refers to drawing number, 5220 refers to a Moth (what sort of Moth?) the D.6 part refers to the (6 foot?) diameter and the P is the pitch (which I'm guessing is 4.58 feet?). HRA is for Horden-Richmond Aircraft and the final part 6/72 refers to June 1972. However I may be way off.

If anyone can give me some info on this or clarify what I'm right about I'd really appreciate it. Many thanks

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I think you're conclusions are all correct.

Bob Gardner might be able to offer some additional insight, but often just narrowing it down to a grouping of aircraft/engine models is as far as you can get.

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Thanks for that info. If I understand it correctly, this means my prop may have been from a Moth but it's in no way certain. I was trying to explain this to my partner yesterday and the way I described it to her is to imagine a car tyre. It may be a 155/70 and yes, that may well fit a (say) Mini but it could also fit other small cars. Hopefully my understanding is correct.

If so, is a Moth ONLY a Tiger Moth or Puss Moth or are there other Moth aircraft?
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