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Default Reed propeller


Is anybody knowing on which aircraft was used a Reed propeller made in March 1948 with those markings?
- Serial FR 23050 (FR probably for Fairey-Reed) on one side of the hub,
- J 254 B 66371 on another place on the side of the hub.

Small (~4mm) round stamps (5 or more) with 2 lines : F8 (or F3 ?) and 3 or 4 digits below.

About the stamps: are their shape specific of a country around WW2?


Important detail: yes, it is not a wooden prop, but a Duralumin one: hope nobody will hunt me down for this "off topic" post...
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Bob Gardner
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Sorry, Pierre-Michel, I don't have any data which will help.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Thank you, Bob, for looking at this one. I do think we got it: prop for an Avro Arson, probably type X, with a Cheetah 19. The specific number was one I didn't write, but legible on the first pic: DRG 66365A. It appears in this PDF, page 24: http://club66pro.com/documents/AWNs%20Old%20Version.pdf. It is for civilian reconversion, but it was probably the same on military ones.

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