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Default Snowplane/Airboat propeller

Trying to find a bit out on a prop my father picked up 50-60 years ago.
As he is no longer around to ask I am going by memory and believe I was told it came off of an RCMP snowplane that had been used in the Canadian north.
Pusher prop
Numbers on prop
DRG 402
Serial Y505
PIT 28.9
App 6 foot
Metal hub, I believe I was told the hub was made of derilium [spelling?]
This prop has been stored indoors for at least 40 years that I know of and other than dusty looks good.
Is it safe to try to use a prop this old?
I am restoring an antique snowplane and this would look great on it.
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It would be of great benefit to be able to see pictures of your prop. With a hub made of duraluminum and blades of wood or perhaps composite material, chances are it's an adjustable prop. We could certainly tell more with good quality pictures.

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Hi Lamar
The last time I had a good look at the propeller was back in the early 80's.
The blades are definitely wood and non adjustable.
I took it in to a machine shop to have the flywheel of a 4 cyl engine drilled and tapped to mount it on.
I then built a stand, prop cage and rudder with plans of mounting it on a set of pontoons.
Fast forward 30 years I purchased a 1940's vintage snowplane and am exploring my options for a propeller for it.
I need to pick up the propeller from my mothers attic 300 miles away so I can't provide any photos until then.
I have an old ww2 vintage prop from a trainer aircraft I will pick up at the same time and post photos of as well.
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