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Default 747 prop

Does anybody have any idea where this prop came from, or which aircraft might have used this type of propeller?

Any information would be helpful.

I have a wooden propeller that I have not been able to find information on.
It appears to be a modern propeller. It does not have an emblem.
My guess would be some kind of military prop.
On the hub side it has the number 747.
On the front side it has HP 65 RPM 2300
DES A105 42
SER 747
ATC 757
It is 74 3/4 inches long with a 5 1/2 inch hub and a 6 bolt pattern.
It appears to have a brass cover over the leading edge, which was fastened
with brass rivets and filled with what looks like lead.

There was a post with numbers close to these, and no replies.
I would sure appreciate any help in identifing this prop.




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