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Default WW II Japanese Propeller (Solved)


We are attempting to identify this 6' propeller and have been unable to discover much in the way of information. While we have some 'bits & pieces', our info is 'sketchy' and any and all expert knowledge is tremendously appreciated!

We have heard: "WW II, Japanese, Top-Wing, Taildragger, Saipan..."

Apologies for incorrect image(s) & info in original post)...

It has been suggested that there may be something a bit special concerning this piece. However, being unable to identify application or interpret the inscriptions leaves us at a bit-of-a-loss.

Thank-You to all in advance and for a Great Site & Forum!
Kind Regards, ~JR

UPDATE 7-11-2011
The following information has been generously offered by, Dr. Paul Wakely.

"Propeller reads Showa san nen ichigatsu; Nippon Gakki kaisha seisaku.

This translates as January 1928; Manufactured by the Nippon Gakki (musical instrument) Corporation.

Nippon Gakki was the pre-war name of the Yamaha Corporation.

Nippon Gakki already had experience with wooden aircraft parts dating back to 1920 but when World War II began they produced propellers for Zero fighter planes, fuel tanks, and wing parts.

While unable to find the aircraft this propeller came from, one example of a Nippon Gakki wooden propeller which was in a Japanese blog about the Akeno flight school, who have an aviation museum:


There are a lot of pictures including two of the propellers which were made in 1922 (Taisho-11).

This propeller (Taisho-11) was made for the Japanese manufactured Salmson 2, which was a French biplane reconnaissance aircraft:


Thank-You, Paul and to all at this Forum who taken their time to help assist us in solving this mystery!

Kind Regards, ~JR
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Bob Gardner
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An excellent outcome. Well done and thank you for telling us about it.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Default A Hearty Thanks, Sirs!

"Ta" Bob, Lamar & Dynamite Site!

As well, again our appreciation to:
Dr. Paul A. Wakely, New Zealand ...
For a fast and accurate translation!

Full Sails, Smooth Trails & Good Rides To All!
Respectfully, ~JR
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