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Default Just bought a Paragon Propeller..need some info

Hello to All, I recently acquired this vintage Paragon wooden propeller and was wondering if someone could help shed some light as to the age, wood type, approximate value and anything else that would relate to it? This is what I do know about it; It measures 78 inches long, the blades are 6 inch wide and has an 8 hole mount hub. It has the black Paragon trade mark decal on both wing front sides and it looks to be brass trim riveted onto the edge of both blades leading down to the hub area. I did find some stamped markings on either front side of the hub under the finish which was difficult to read but they appear to be; 3806∙38 over top 66X450 and on the other side A.T.036 over top DES 40F. The condition of the propeller is very good and it looks to be the original finish which has gentle wear marks throughout. There is one very small piece of wood missing from the edge of the hub on the front side. Any information would be greatly appreciated! More pictures can be emailed upon request at holze@shaw.ca Thanks Dirk
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I don't have any listings with those numbers, but from the general appearance, the size, and the grouping of numbers I would guess that it was likely made well after WW1. I'm not sure how long Paragon's continued after that until the company went out of business, but I suspect it was well into the twenties and maybe even the thirties.

Hard to guess on value, since the market activity is so small. I think on eBay it would go anywhere from about $400 up to maybe $1200 or so? More precise identification would certainly help in valuation, of course, but I don't know where else to go for that.
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