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Default Sopwith Camel Propeller Design Information


I am looking for the drawings, or design information, for the Sopwith Camel propeller. We are looking for documentation that gives the dimensions and pitch at various cross-sections along the length of the propeller length. Does anyone have this information?

My sons and I built a CNC machine in our garage and we would like to make a Sopwith Camel propeller to display over the machine.

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I m looking for drawings blueprints or books about sopwith propeller but i haven t find it. Have you news about that?

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Sorry for the late response. To my knowledge no one has the actual drawings for a Sopwith Camel propeller. In fact very few drawings seem to exist for any of the WW1 propellers.

Measurements can be taken from existing propellers as a template, but that's the only way I know of to make a reasonably accurate reproduction.
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sopwith camel propeller

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