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Default US Propellers 22008

My first post here; many thanks to this forum for helping me figure out what Ive got.

I have a very common US Propellers 22008 drone prop. Not a surplus sale item - my father obtained it while in the army in 1959 while he was a personnel clerk in a Nike anti-aircraft missile battalion at Fort Bliss, near El Paso Texas. He went out out on the range with a recovery crew on his day off, and scavenged it from a drone that had been shot down by a Nike missile in a training exercise.

My dad was a private pilot in his younger years, and liked aviation related items; he kept the prop for all these years, always saying he was going to mount a clock in it. We all forgot about it, and I came across it in storage after he passed recently.

Pictures attached; serial # looks like T041. There is a die struck TT041 on the hub.

Glad I found it. Who knows, maybe Ill *gasp* put a clock in it for him.
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Keep it for the grandchildren.

Whatever you do don't try to make it look nicer. You can buy one of those on eBay, but you'll never find one with a family connection that's still in original condition.
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