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Default How about a "making propeller" category?


During the chinese new year vacations (now over) I carved a very basic miniature propeller for my son. It was interesting to try it and improve the shape so that it flies better and better.
This triggered my desire to go bigger.
So I have started a 3 blades propeller that I intend to use in a windmill.

And searching on the web for more information on propeller design and manufacturing, I've found woodenpropeller.com and this forum.

Reading this lines, you will probably think: toys, windmill, ... what does it have to do with early aircraft propellers? Nothing in common or a lot in common depending on your point of view. But for sure they led my interest for more ambitious projects.

Now I am quite motivated to reproduce some real propellers. Maybe not full scale, maybe not a lot, but at least I would like to try.

Is there any woodworker on the forum that would be tempted also?

How about adding a category related to the actual manufacturing of a propeller, or its reproduction? It would deal with the design, the choice of material, the tools used, glueing, coating, ... This would broaden the topics of the forum and would open it to a wider public.

I'm not sure if my posting is releavant, but since the forum is quite new, it is a good opportunity to make this proposition.

Regards from Taiwan

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Thanks for your suggestion. We are trying to keep the number of categories low, and most of the questions recieved fall into the area of identification. We did, however include a section on manufacturers (including techniques) and design, so I've taken the liberty of moving this post to that section.

This forum is only several weeks old, and rather than making a series of changes, I think it's best to just see where the interest is and consider re-designing things in 6 months or so.
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I have always wanted to try my hand at carving a prop as well. I do not intend on creating an airwothy prop but one simply for display over my bar. That said, it has to be accurate with period detail including correct bolt pattern, leading edge metal, tip cloth etc. I have done some wood working and think I have the patience and skills.
I have searched the archives at my hometown museum, The National Museum of Naval Aviation, and talked to several volunteer a/c restoration experts without much success.
Finally came across this website which seems to have some very useful info to at least see what is involved. http://www.flyingflea.org/docs/WoodenProps.htm
Hope that helps and if you come across any good gouge, please post.

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Thanks Gazoo!

Glad to know someone else interested in the job.

I had seen a guy selling this on ebay. I was almost going to buy the CD. Also I've seen some books on propeller design, but they are all out of print and not available anymore.

You can check this link:

Let us keep in touch on the forum on our progresses.

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I have found the website http://www.aeroplanebooks.com to be a very good source of out-of-print books on airplanes and related topics.
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Default I've made a few propellers

Hello everyone,
Just found this cool site today and noticed this posting for those looking to make their own propellers. I've made about 8 of them so far and I am looking at making a few more. They look really neat but are made out of a solid piece of pine. I now want to laminate my wood together just to get the real look. I have a sawmill up her getting me a laminated board of black ash and maple so that I can make a really cool propeller for my house.
What have you found that works the best for removing the extra wood at the blade ends? My propellers have been crudely carved with a sawsall and a Lancelot carving disc then sanded down to the pitch I drew out. takes a lot of time this way but is the best for me without purchasing a big amount of tools for now.
I would like to purchase a real antique propeller someday and was wondering what any of you would recomend for a midpriced propeller to start with.
Thanks for your attention and replies,
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