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steve pope
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Default 1930s prop....bit of help required

I knew somewhere I'd find a forum like this to hopefully assist. Many years ago I was bequeathed a wooden propellor in what I can best describe as original condition.

Height is approximately 6ft 4inches and it has eight bolt holes on the hub

The leading metal edge sheafing is still in place and the blades themselves are covered with a doped fabric material (?) on which there is a logo saying ''Maufactured by The Airscrew Co Ltd, Weybridge Surrey.''

Details on the hub are as follows: one side has
and the other D6 5 P5 NOV/34 A.C. 345999

Now I know from the links on this site it's off a De Havilland on some description (link omits aircaft type and just gives Gipsy III 120hp.
There are a few mould spots over the propellor but the wood still appears sound and there's certainly nothing eating it!
My problem is I am soon to relocate and no longer have room for this item (two ex-wives have hated it!). I know not a lot about this these things and of course the overall question is is it worth anything or is it a skip and dump job?

Any insight would be much appreciated

Images will follow shortly when I've worked out how to post them!

Images can be viewed here http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevepopemedia/

Kind regards


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Bob Gardner
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Your judgement is correct and that of your ex-wives is wrong!

Your prop dates from the 1930's and was made for the de havilland Puss Moth, the DH80A. About 280 were made from 1929-1934. It was a very successful light aircraft.

The prop is a very good example. All the data is clearly visible and it carries a decal in excellent condition for the Airscrew Company who made it.

At auction in the UK it would sell for around 200 GBP. This might reach 300 if two enthusiasts were bidding against each other.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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