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Default Check this out!

My dad's had this for years. I have a number of pictures of this on my yahoo ID - if anyone knows what it is, (or wants to visit with dad about it) - email me or call him directly at 1-308-487-3681. His name is Charles Ray.

I have no idea of who made it - what it fit on, or any history of it at all. I do know he's had it in his posession for more than 50 years. Anyone know anything?


(view the alblum for detailed pictures, numbers, etc)

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I have a suspicion that it might be for a Hisso engine, and may have been made by Hartzell, although that's just a guess at this point. When I'm back home I'll see if I can dig up that drawing number, but in the meantime, if you can, check out the hub dimensions on this page then follow the link to the dimension chart. You should be able to find a likely match for the engine at least.
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