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j lennox
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Default ebora propellortype 39

can you help me identify which aircraft this was from,Ihave a ebora propellor stamped type 39,also number 450,there are no metal edges on it ,i have looked at a photo of a berliot x1 monoplane and it looks similar ;any ideas .it was bought from sothebys about 15 years ago for 500it measures7,10 inces long and hub diameter is 6 inches,will try and photo later.
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I'd love to have a list of Ebora types, which to my knowledge are not referenced anywhere. Are there other numbers stamped on it?

Here's a link to an Ebora Type 24, which was used on a Bleriot XI. The hub on yours sounds like it's about the right size, and I can get some accurate measurements of mine for comparison if you like.
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