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Default Need to Identify 3 Blade Wooden Propeller

The Beech Staggerwing Museum in Tullahoma, Tennessee, recently received a large 3 blade wooden propeller for decoration in Old Hangar 7. Unfortunately, the donor did not have any info as to what type of aircraft the propeller was on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The propeller is an all wood [believe it is Mahogany] and approxiametly 8 foot in diameter. The blades have a simatar shape, and metal sheathing on the leading edges. There are 8 bolt holes on the mounting hub. No lettering or numbers can be found any where on the blades or hubs.

I have searched my rather large aviation library and have yet to find a 3 blade wooden propeller on any aircraft. I'm hoping the propeller experts can give me a clue to the identity of this propeller. Thanks guys.[/img]
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It's certainly a nice looking prop. The absence of any stampings may make it impossible to identify, but it does resemble (in shape and contour of the metal sheathing) one of the 3 blade Paragon propellers made during WW1. The non-circular shape of the face of the hub is unusual, and that might help narrow it down. Also, you could measure the hub dimensions and see if you can match it to an engine.
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