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Default Dutch wooden prop....

Hi there,

just new on the forum. Last year I bought a wooden propeller through the internet. As most people I also would like to know which planes it used to be attachted to (if possible). I wrote down the markings on the hub. I hope it is enough to indentify. I also enclosed a couple of pictures, taken by the previous owner.

on the hub and clearly readable:




It's written in Dutch.
(naaf= hub, spoed=pitch?, PK=HP)

on the other side of the hub the are on two sides two circular stamps.
It's a circle within written:

quite large a "W" with something like a crown or small (olympicisch) circles or something like that above it.
On the left side there's a "19" and at the other side a "17".

in the top of the circle there's a word written but only the last half is still visible: ".....RUG" (proberly a city)

The hub has six holes and the tips are (red) copper plated.

Overall lenght is: 320 cm.

That's all the info I have. I wonder if any of you can help me to identify this propeller.

I'm looking forward to your replies!


Roland Koster

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Bob Gardner
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It was very probably made in NL for the German forces during WW1. The 'W' and crown mark is probably the German airworthiness stamp.

I have no record of Fokker using the 260ps Mercedes engine. The sheathing suggests that it is from a seaplane or a pusher. The word ending ...rug is very probably EDELDRUG indicating a pusher prop.

Few German aircraft used a pusher configuration. One that was equipped with this Mercedes 260ps engine was the Gotha GV bomber.

Bob Gardner
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