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Just a note to myself:

Som berättades i SFT 1/06 köptes ett flygplan av typ Nielsen & Winther Type Ab av den danske flygaren Albert Jarfelt. I maj 1919 besökte han AETA för att besiktiga den nya Thulinmotor som skulle monteras i planet. Leverans av flygplanet skedde till Buenos Aires och där kom det att användas vid en privat flygskola som drevs av Jarfelt. Flygplanets motor torde ha ingått bland dem som levererades av AETA till Nielsen & Winther i Köpenhamn och faller därför under exporten till Danmark.


More about NW:

In August 1916 the tool company Nielsen & Winther opened an "Aeroplanafdeling" (aeroplane departement) on the Island Amanger next to Copenhagen where also the Orlogsværftet was located. Technical director became engineer H. Funch-Thomsen who was employed by Hansa-Brandenburg before.

First own designes were:
N&W Typ Aa - Nieuport-style single-seat fighter (Thulin rotary)
N&W Typ Ab - two-seater developement of the Typ Aa (Thulin rotary)
N&W Typ Ac - floatplane single-seater developement of Typ Aa (Thulin rotary)
N&W Typ Bd - challenge plane with 110 hp Scania-Vabis (Benz-'copy' not Daimler)

The machine, built in 1918, was sold to the Norwegian Navy beeing the first danish aircraft export. It has been wrecked in April 1919 already.



Södertelje Verkstäders Aviatikavdelning was situated in Södertälje in Sweden.

The aircraft started out as the Svenska Aeroplanfabriken H-2, four were ordered by the Swedish Marine on floats in December 1915, but SAF was closed down in February 1916 and was taken over by SW. The first aircraft was delivered in May 1916, but was never accepted because of poor performance, even if modifications were made up to February 1917. In August 1917 SW closed down its aviation department and the remains were sold to Thulin and the designation was changed to Thulin F, a name earlier used for an unfinished project, and in November the dismantled parts of the four aircraft were sold to Denmark, but only two were assembled.


Thulin = Le Rhone:
De skriver att motorerna "hade byggts på licens i Sverige av Thulinfirman och vid ett tillfälle lagrades omkring 700 i Adlershof". En del plan hade 110 hk Oberursel (också en kopia av Le Rhône), men "den Thulin-byggda motorn föredrogs, eftersom det material den var byggd av sades vara överlägset hemmaprodukten".

Om man sammanställer tillverkningsnummer för motorer av typ Thulin A och G framgår att av de cirka 500 tillverkade Thulin A-motorerna (Högsta kända tillverkningsnummer: A497) gick cirka 300 till Holland och omkring 100 användes i Danmark och Sverige. Ytterligare ett antal användes av AETA. Av de G-motorer som byggdes (tillverkningsnummer: G1001-G1055) levererades 40 till Holland.

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Default Danish flying boat

You have asked a question about a propeller that was mounted to a flying boat that my grandfather's brother Lt.Axel Hoeck flew for the Danish navy.I have pictures and a logbook.Sadly he was killed during a flight (1914 I think), when during a turn the wing folded and the aircraft crashed into a pier. It was very exciting to see the additional pictures of the aircraft posted on this site, since I for several years have tried to find more pictures.I have 2, both of Axel Hoeck and his plane.If you have more info. I will be very interested!
Peter Petersen
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Hi PeterJane

Thanks for sharing...that is one interesting tale.

Unfortunately my suspicion that the prop does not originate from the flying baot Maagen, was confirmed byt the Technical Museum in Denmark.

The Technical Museum in Denmark have a replica of the N.W military aircraft with an original Thulin engine, which I had a strong hunch would fit my propeller. They were kind enough to measure the boreholes and there is a match.

So now I am confident that my propeller is not from a Marine aircraft but belonged to one of the Danish Military aircrafts at the time and most likely Södertälje S. W. 17 which had the same engine as the N.W but was the only aircraft manufactured by Tøjhuseværkstedet T.V.

The Nielsen & Winther Type AA was the only other aircraft from the same period wiith a matching engine, but this aircraft was build by A/S Nielsen & Winther Aeroplanfabrik probably marked A.S.

So I think I have found my aircraft, all I need now is more concrete proof like an invoice or something.

I would still love to share information, and see if I can help you in the right direction. Does your logbook show which Maagen aircraft he flew, there are more than one you see )

Best Regards, Tue

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