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Default ID of wooden propeller mfg by the American Propeller Co.

I'm trying to ID my all wooden propeller manufactured by the American Propeller Co. in Baltimore, Maryland with a PARAGON decal. It has two ID numbers SO67214 and 95675 RH. It is 112 inches long with an 11" dia. hub which is 7 5/16" thick with a 3 1/8" dia center hole. It has 8 bolt holes 1/2" in dia on an 8" dia bolt circle. I'd also like to know the approximate value.


Robert Schnepfe
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It's almost certainly from a Liberty engine, perhaps for a DH4. The "SO67214" is more likelly "S.C." for Signal Corps, but beyond that the number doesn't mean much.

Value would depend a lot on its condition. Can you post a picture?
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