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Hello Bob, Please allow me to correct an error in a previous text. I managed to track down my elderly friend and he advises me that his Great Uncle payed Ten Shillings for the prop. Also I have obtained the data pertaining to Patent No.12466.12, ie. the text and the drawings and will be contacting a fellow maintenance engineer who is an expert in props to explain it all to me.I feel that the search is over and I sincerely thank you and Dave for your help in tracking down what data is available about the prop. I look forward to purchasing your revised prop book in about September,2008.
Kindest regards, Grazza.
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Bob Gardner
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Thanks Grazza. If possible, can you send me photos of the text and plans of the patent. Or better still tell me how to get my own copy? I have managed to obtain copies of German patents; that's quite easy! but I found myself going round in circles trying to see a copy of your patent.

Bob Gardner
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Bob, Is it unusual for Levasseur designed props to have both the Helice-Levasseur decal/stamping and the Vickers-Levasseur decal on them or was this the usual practice at the time of manufacture ?.
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